St Oswald's Pastoral Retreat Centre

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This is the normal timetable by which St Oswald's runs.  We may be able to adjust times for group bookings - please let us know when making a group booking if you think you will need to make an amendment to the timetable for the duration of your stay.

Morning Prayer 8.00am Daily (except Monday)

Breakfast 8.30am to 9.30am

Mid Day Office 12.15pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Eucharist 12.15pm Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Dinner 12.45pm

Evening Prayer 6.00pm Daily (except Sunday)

Supper 6.30pm

Compline (Night Prayer) 9.00pm

We keep silence in the house from the end of Compline until after breakfast.  All other meals depend on the requirements of those staying in the house, and so may be silent and accompanied by music, or may be talk meals.